Welcome to our website


Welcome to our website

TCEP launches a new and improved website

Posted Feb 26, 2023

TCEP is proud to rollout our new website, with updated content and resources. You'll find lots of useful information about emergency preparation, response and recovery.

The cornerstone of our site—the Emergency Status Page (ESP)—has been redesigned for easier readability on both desktop computers and mobile devices. We now have the ability to post photos, maps and other graphic images, as well as active links within the message area. Also new is a section detailing any Southern California Edison Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events.

The Topanga Zones used by LA County Fire to notify residents of evacuations have been revised. The new Zone map lives at the bottom of the ESP. The Zones will be color coded to reflect any evacuation status called by the Fire Department. You can drill down to individual streets to determine which Zone your home is in by opening the Individual Zones link above the map. Or select the Interactive Zone Map link to connect to the ZoneHaven Aware website where you can explore the various Zones assigned across the Santa Monica Mountains and beyond.

This site was funded by grants from LA County and Southern California Edison along with donations from individuals far and wide. If you've donated to TCEP in the past few years, your dollars helped to make this happen! Numerous TCEP volunteers devoted many hundreds of unpaid hours working with the developers to build the site pages and get the complex functionality of the ESP where it needs to be.

Please explore the site and send us feedback by selecting the Contact link at the top of any page. Websites are complicated beasts and it's tough to get everything 100% perfect right out of the gate. So if you spot a typo or broken link, or have suggestions on how we can make things better, let us know.

Enjoy the site, and stay safe!