Photo: Carl Grooms

family emergency plan


TCEP is comprised of specialized teams that focus on specific aspects of the emergency preparation, response and recovery process. Teams are always interested in bringing new volunteers on board. If you’d like to lend your talents to a specific team, email the Team leader. If you’re not sure where you’d fit in, contact us and we’ll help you find a spot.

Organizes neighborhoods to help prepare for disasters and establish communication systems to quickly spread critical notifications to local residents.

Runs and services computers, servers and software in the Emergency Operations Center and manages this website.

Communicates with TCEP’s Emergency Operations Center using ham radios.

Manages Facebook and Twitter accounts and engages with the community through posts and dialogs.

Operates the TCEP Hotline (310-455-3000) to provide status updates and a calming voice during large disasters.

Maintains TCEP’s physical infrastructure and property.