After a quake

family emergency plan


The physical damage following a major earthquake will be extensive and spread over wide areas of Southern California. So the effects of the disaster may last for days and possibly weeks or longer. Below are a few things you can do in the immediate aftermath of the quake.


Check your emergency communication channels for updates. Follow your Family Emergency Plan.

Do not use your vehicle except in case of emergency.

Check yourself and those around you for injuries.

Check for damage, such as gas and water leaks, broken electrical wiring, cracks in the wall, and loose items that could fall in an aftershock. Turn off utilities if you suspect a problem. Unplug damaged electrical appliances.

Stay calm. Aftershocks can be frequent and may cause additional damage, so be prepared to drop, cover, and hold on, at any time.

Once you’ve taken care of yourself and your family, check on your neighbors. Avoid downed power lines. Don’t enter buildings that appear damaged.

If there is a significant fire, get away immediately and call 911. If it’s just a small spot fire, try to put it out with a fire extinguisher.

Do not use the telephone unless there is a life-threatening emergency. This helps to keep phone lines open for emergency response requests.

Use extreme caution in cleaning up liquid spills. Many household cleaning agents can be toxic when mixed.