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Choosing to live here comes with unique responsibilities those in urban areas don't ever think about. Here are a few ways you can become educated about these responsibilities and use the power of our collective community to help provide a little peace of mind.

Form a Neighborhood Network

Band together with your nearby neighbors to share contact information, alert each other to any problems and "have each others’ backs" after a disaster. We’ll show you how to set up a Neighborhood Network.

Learn CPR and First Aid

“Hands-only” CPR is easy to learn in just 5 minutes. The American Red Cross offers First Aid training courses throughout the year. Google “Basic first aid” for other training options.

Take CERT Training

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program trains citizens in basic first aid, light search and rescue, fire suppression and other skills to assist fire and medical first responders during a disaster. CERT skills are helpful when responding to everyday medical emergencies like a heart attack, stroke, or a child falling off a skateboard. The training is free.

Pulse Point
Volunteer and Donate

TCEP is one of many volunteer community organizations working for the greater good of Topanga residents. Consider lending your time, talents and money to these other great groups: