TCEP Activation

family emergency plan


TCEP’s mission is to gather, verify, and push out incident information to the public. We are not first responders and we do not perform medical, rescue, or safety-related tasks. In response to disasters or emergency events, TCEP volunteers assume pre-assigned communications roles.

We operate under three different levels of activation, depending on the severity and location of an incident.


Stand By

When dangerous conditions are present, such as a Red Flag Warning, potential Edison Public Safety Power Shutoff or impending major rainstorm which could cause an incident to occur, volunteers stand ready to respond, if necessary. We may post occasional updates on the conditions and provide suggestions on precautionary actions people might want to consider taking.

Partial Activation

When a brush fire breaks out in the Canyon or nearby and appears to be spreading, or flooding has started from a rainstorm, Duty Officers and Team Leaders will prepare to activate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). We will actively monitor the incident and post regular updates on Twitter and the Emergency Status Page.

Full Activation

If Topanga is directly threatened by a large brush fire in windy conditions or in the aftermath of a major earthquake or other major disaster, TCEP volunteers will attempt to open the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Updates are verified for accuracy and pushed out to the public through Twitter, the Emergency Status Page, and over FRS radio channel 15 at the top of each hour. If the EOC is opened, trained operators may be available to answer the Hotline—310-455-3000.