Hotline Team


Hotline team members provide a direct human connection to residents during disasters.

When TCEP’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is in Full Activation mode, Hotline operators answer calls that come into the 310-455-3000 Hotline number. Operators provide the same verified information to callers that is posted on our Emergency Status Page and also receive and log information callers may have about the current emergency.


Our Hotline crew is well-trained in working under pressure and offering a calming voice to anxious callers. The average experience for Hotline volunteers is about 8 years. They listen and provide accurate information to support callers and help them think through their emergency plans and options. Calls come in from Topanga but also from elsewhere in the state, across the country, and even from Europe, as people call to check up on loved ones during disasters.


The Hotline team meets regularly and participates in emergency drills to keep their skills sharp.

Qualifications for the team include:

  • A willingness to help others and an ability to remain calm under pressure

  • Knowledge of Topanga

  • Good verbal, interpersonal and problem solving skills

There are times during the chaos of a disaster when nothing can replace the soothing, calming effect of a human voice. If you think you can be a voice of reason in a crisis, our experienced members will provide you with training in the finer points of Hotline operations.